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Paul Cegys: Mixed-Reality Scenography Workshop

15.–17. 4. 2020 | DF JAMU Mozartova 1

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Theatre as a medium, and hypermedium (Chapple and Kattenbelt 2006), provides the stage for performing other media, which are in a rapid flurry of acceleration and evolution in today’s digital and media centred reality. As intermedial performance enlivens, stages and amplifies hypermediacy, artists seek the counterbalance of immediacy through immersion and interactivity, and through attention to the haptic and phenomenological journey of the spectator. This workshop will explore the ways in which meaning is created through the repositioning of the spectator, as experiencer, at the centre of a performative event that weaves together real, virtual and in-between realities in time and space. We will draw upon scenographic principles in combination with new media dramaturgy to explore the creative potential of designing mixedreality scenographies using 360º/VR video technology, spatial and binaural audio and embodied performance. Participants will gain theoretical and hands-on experience with virtual-reality technology in order to stage a site-specific mixed-reality performance event. No prior experience is required.